Last modified: May 2, 2022

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As a client of Workzoom, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an ongoing partnership with us. We’re invested in your success and want to see you achieve the goals you set for our solution. Read on to discover more about the responsibilities, expectations, standards and metrics you can expect while working together.

Our Responsibilities

Workzoom prides itself on providing world class support and services. We’re committed to helping you get the most value from your subscription.

As the solution provider, here is a brief outline of our primary responsibilities:

a) Cloud Hosting: Providing the infrastructure and cloud computing environment with secured access 24/7.

b) Operation/Monitoring: Monitoring the application and the technical environment.

c) SystemAdministration: Administration of the operating system, web servers, database and technical environment.

d) Maintenance and Upgrades: Deployment of software updates and new releases.

e) Backups: Daily backups of data, documents and media including off-site storage, rotation, retention and periodic testing.

f) Application Recovery: Application recovery when necessary from daily backups.

g) Security: Compliance with industry leading security standards ensuring the highest level of information and data protection.

h) Client Support: Providing unlimited, timely and expert support (more details below).

i) Professional Services: Offering additional services including training, configuration, development, etc. (more details below)

Your Responsibilities

The application is your solution and the more you put into it, the more value you will get from it. We’re here to help you maximize your benefits. To do this, here are a few responsibilities for your team to ensure the application continues to meet your needs:

a) Data Maintenance: It’s your data. Only you know it well enough to maintain it, keep it up to date and ensure its accuracy.

b) Client Administrators: We recommend a minimum of two client administrators (primary and back-up) be properly trained on the application in order to manage your solution. We provide client administrator training during the solution onboarding process. If you require additional training, we can help with that as well through our Professional Services (described below).

c) Employee & Manager Training: We use a “train-the-trainer” approach. We train client administrators and client administrators are in-turn responsible for providing appropriate role-based training to end users. If you need our assistance training your employees and managers, we can provide this assistance through our Professional Services.

d) Client Specific “How To” Documentation: Your organization is unique and so is your use of the application. You have your own policies and processes. While we provide general guidance and training on the use of the application, we have adapted it to meet the needs of your organization and it functions uniquely for you. Therefore, only you can provide documentation specific to how you use it in your organization. We highly recommend you maintain this documentation to better empower your team and ensure smooth transitions through staffing changes.

e) Defining Requirements: Configuration and set-up of the application is based on your requirements, policies and processes. The clearer you define your requirements, the better the solution can be configured to meet your needs.

f) User Support: We provide support for your client administrators. It is up to you to provide support to your end users. This includes responding to their inquiries, providing guidance and attempting to resolve issues they may have. If a user query or issue requires escalation to Workzoom, your client administrator can submit a support case to get assistance.

g) Case Submission: When it comes to support and assistance, help us help you. Submit your support cases with complete and fulsome information. This greatly improves our ability to provide timely solutions.

Client Support

We put a lot of attention and resources into ensuring things work as intended. We want our clients to get maximum value from Workzoom. However, sometimes you’re going to need our assistance. Our unlimited support has you covered.

Below are the most common support scenarios:

You have a question or are unsure how to accomplish something.

If you are having difficulty getting something done in the application or are unsure how to go about it, you may enter a support case to request our assistance. Our team will be happy to provide general guidance and knowledge to get you on your way. If additional training or consulting is needed, we may recommend you use our Professional Services (as described below).

Something unexpected occurred.

If something unexpected or unexplainable occurs and you are not able to resolve the issue using our Troubleshooting Guidelines, you may open a support case to request investigation. Our team will investigate and provide the following support based on the nature of the issue:

a) User Errors: In the event of user errors, we will:

  • provide you guidance on how to rectify or work around the issue;
  • resolve the issue directly; or
  • escalate the issue to other resources within Workzoom. Resolution of escalated issues may require Professional Services (described below).

b) Bugs or Malfunctions: A bug or malfunction is when the application doesn’t function as Workzoom intended. Our experts will either resolve the issue or try to find a work around for you.

You need to adjust the configuration of your solution.

From time to time, you may have new requirements or use cases and therefore need to make adjustments to the configuration of your solution. We’re happy to help and you can make use of our professional services by entering a case.

You need other services.

Perhaps you would like some additional training or are implementing a new accounting system and would like to pass data from Workzoom to that system. Whatever you need, please just let us know by opening a case. Below is more information on the professional services that we provide.

Professional Services

We offer the following professional services.

a) New feature configuration, configuration tweaks and policy adjustments
b) New suite or module implementation
c) Training
d) Guidance on unique, client specific processes and configuration within the solution
e) Data/error corrections when the issue is caused by the client and where technical/development assistance is required
Data loads and mass data changes
Report and extract tweaks
h) Custom extract, analytic or report development
i) Paid application enhancements
Interfaces and integrations with third party applications

All services requests are scoped and quoted. Our current professional services rates are as follows:

Project Coordinator / Business Analyst$1,200 / day$150 / hour

Implementation Specialist / Consultant$1,000 / day$125 / hour

Programmer Analyst / Developer$1,000 / day$125 / hour

These rates are subject to change. Professional Services can also be purchased in advance with volume discounts available.

Accessing Support and Services

There are three ways in which you can reach us for support and professional services – the Workzoom case system, email or phone.

Our case system is built right into the application. It is a powerful and easy to use tool that is available 24/7. Whether you need help with an issue, are requesting assistance and services, or are looking for updates on your cases, the case management system is the place to go. It keeps all cases centrally organized and accessible, facilitates secure, efficient two-way communication and information sharing, and is updated in real time.

If the application or the case system are not accessible, Workzoom Support can also be contacted by email or phone as follows:


Phone: 1-800-671-3843, ext. 1

If you do reach out to us by email or phone, we still need to ensure we have a properly documented case in the case system we can all refer to. So once again, the case system is the best place for you to start.

How to Open a Case

The case system is available to users who have been given client administrative responsibilities for their application. It isaccessible from the administrative home page.

Case Tracking

You can view your open and historical cases right from within the case system using the standard search and insightfeatures.

Support Hours

While the case system is accessible 24 / 7, our support team is available 8:00 AM 6:00 PM eastern on weekdays.

Service Level Standards

We treat all cases with diligence and care. We endeavor to provide workable solutions and effective assistance in a timely manner. Our team adheres to specific targets based on case “severity” for response and resolution time. Severity is essentially the impact the issue has on your ability to use the application effectively. Our service level standards based on case severity are as follows:

Severity Description Response Target Resolution Target
Critical A severe loss of service in a production environment which stops or prevents continuation of work with no workaround. 4 hours 24 hours
Major Significant loss of service that impedes the ability to perform critical business functions with no acceptable workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion. 1 business day 3 business days
Moderate A malfunction that is causing work to back up or an inconvenience which may require a temporary workaround. 2 business days 10 business days
Minor Minor disruption that may be causing inefficiency but is not stopping workflow. 3 business days 20 business days

Policy Updates

We reserve the right to update this Policy if our practices or services change and we will post a revised version at If you wish to be notified of any such updates, you can sign up for our email notification service at