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Org structure changes and visibility

Managing jobs and positions

Compliance and issue tracking

Organization Structure

Formalize company structure to grow.

Without a strong organizational structure, it can be impossible to make improvements. By creating and communicating an org structure you can easily track the benefits and impacts of maturing that structure over time while maintaining the quality of the services you provide.

  • Support one or more businesses as separate entities within a single system while maintaining appropriate data access privileges.

  • Define organizational structure through business units, departments, work locations & offices, worker classes, and work groups for consistent processes, policies and rules.

  • View real-time and date effective organization charts of departments, positions or people.

Managed Jobs and Positions

Track positions to understand opportunities.

Tracking positions within the company is imperative if your goal is streamlining your operations. Managing information related to positions with the help of an org structure lets you understand what’s needed or unfilled so you can reach peak efficiency.

  • Manage jobs and positions to apply policies, rules, requirements, funding types, entitlements, position numbers, FTE requirements and limits, etc.

  • Define and track what certifications and/or competency requirements for each job.

  • Define the career path a job leads to and from.

Labor and Safety Tracking

Define policies and procedures to avoid issues.

Ensuring policies and procedures are followed consistently makes it easier to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and avoid penalties. Track labor/union grievances or safety incidents that may arise so appropriate adjustments can be made to avoid future issues.

  • Record workplace related safety incidents including where, when and what occurred

  • Track injuries incurred from safety incidents including employee name, nature of injury, witnesses, severity, etc.

  • Deliver safety-related course content through Learning

  • Add safety committee membership and track who belongs in the committee

Why Workzoom?

  • View your organization flexibly by person or by position and date for better strategic planning and management.

  • Manage employee growth effectively with position control, facilitating smooth career progression and development.

  • Ensure new hires receive appropriate onboarding, training, and compensation through customizable position attributes.

  • Streamline compliance with support for collective bargaining agreements and related activities.

Other Vendors

  • Limited reporting to current personnel only, without insights into positional or historical data.

  • Restricted flexibility in compensation by enforcing a single pay rate per job, potentially overlooking individual contributions or skills.

  • Requires external management of job descriptions, complicating HR processes and possibly leading to data inconsistencies.

  • No capability to project or review past organizational changes, hindering strategic planning and adjustment.

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Configuring Data & Workflows

Organization Definition

Determine how to structure your business within Workzoom including:

  • Policies applied to groups of people such as worker classes or departments

  • Management levels at the work site, department or job levels

  • Assigning administrators to various organization levels

Configuring Data & Workflows

Organization Standard Practices

Define standard practices such as:

  • Wage scales and what types of wage progressions are automatic

  • Defining jobs on a common set of job descriptions

  • Holiday calendars

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