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Managing shift coverage and availability

Maintaining scheduling compliance

Co-ordinating and communicating schedules

Qualified Coverage

Maintain adequate, qualified coverage.

Easily balance multiple factors including part-time vs. full-time employees, general availability, time off and required skills automatically. Adjust for unexpected absences or last-minute scheduling changes in real-time to maintain adequate coverage for your business.

  • Gain real time visibility into vacancies created through approved leaves, shift drops, terminations, employee movement and changes to work requirements

  • Fill vacancies by keying in employees into a grid or selecting from a dynamic list of qualified staff

  • Add extra shifts to an open schedule at any time to increase capacity

Scheduling Automation

Set your scheduling requirements and stay compliant.

Automatically account for overtime, breaks and maximum working hours based on your company policies. Create schedules manually or automatically that meet the needs of both the organization and your employees in a simple and repetitive way.

  • Define schedules based on repeating patterns and set them to generate automatically on a set frequency

  • Build schedules in batches based on a template and automatically distribute them to the appropriate supervisor to maintain

  • Schedule resources on crossover shifts and account for the work on the correct day based on policies

Schedule Communication

Effectively communicate schedules to everyone.

Avoid scheduling errors, conflicts and employee dissatisfaction with effective and well-coordinated scheduling information. Notify employees of schedules and shifts and maintain flexibility with qualified fill to adapt to unexpected changes while continuing to meet demands.

  • Generate call out lists automatically with personnel qualified to fill a vacancy

  • Make available shifts visible and empower staff to bid and managers to review bids to fill

  • Ensure real-time visibility to changing schedules through self service and pushing to Google, Outlook or Apple calendars or extracting printable schedules

Why Workzoom?

  • Streamline all schedules into one solution from basic to rotating to crossover.

  • Align people with appropriate schedules based on skills, availability and preferences.

  • Free managers from repetitious schedule posting with templates.

  • Shift bidding for relevant open shifts for employees.

Other Vendors

  • Limited scheduling capabilities (one step beyond a spreadsheet).

  • Limited or no mobile access.

  • Lack of connectivity between schedules, time collection and time off.

  • Complex process for managers and administrators to build and maintain schedules.

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Coaching Best Practices

Scheduling Automation

  • Understand how schedule templates save time

  • How to use competencies to create qualified fill

  • Best ways to communicate schedule information to your team

  • How to use reporting insights to optimize scheduling

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Time Off

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