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Engaging employees with learning initiatives

Aligning learning content with business goals

Tracking assessments and certifications

Engaging Initiatives

Create learning programs employees will love.

Support your employees to grow above and beyond their daily to-dos with learning programs catered specifically to their roles. Help employees develop themselves to motivate them along their career path while also benefiting the company by advancing their expertise.

  • Provide general or job specific training to new hires

  • Upload and distribute courses using video, PDF, Scorm, Articulate Rise or Articulate Story

  • Empower employees to find and self enroll in training opportunities through the course catalogue with optional manager required approvals

Strategic Learning

Establish highly strategic learning initiatives.

Ensure your learning content and activities directly support the skills, knowledge and competencies your employees need to contribute to your high level business objectives. Proper alignment will help to mitigate critical skill gaps or development needs over time.

  • Assign training to new hires or existing employees moving into new roles automatically based on the requirements of the job

  • Deliver important safety-related course content

  • Understand what talent or specific skills you have in-house

Assessment Tracking

Monitor team success and certifications.

Understand how your learning initiatives are impacting your team and your bottom line. Measure and evaluate the outcome of all learning efforts and gather employee feedback for ongoing improvements. Ensure compliance by tracking employee certifications and providing appropriate training prior to expiry.

  • Assess completeness of knowledge upon the completion of courses or course elements

  • Log certifications based on the successful completion of training

  • Re-enroll employees in training automatically until they pass the minimum requirements

Why Workzoom?

  • Ensure continuous compliance with training and certification requirements.

  • Create engaging learning opportunities for different employee groups.

  • Ensure learning content matches your business objectives.

  • Monitor progress and outcomes with smart analytics.

Other Vendors

  • Often learning management is a separate system outside of HR.

  • Courses are assigned manually and often missed.

  • No connection between learning and employee position.

  • Lack of consistency or confidence in adhering to training and compliance requirements.

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Coaching Best Practices

Learning Automation

  • How to create learning programs with various media

  • Why providing opportunities for self-enrolment is important to your team

  • Understand how to align training with business goals

  • How to tie safety-related course content to certifications

  • Use reporting insight to determine in-house skills

  • Determine work readiness with training programs

Fitting activities included with your subscription:


Determine what information you want to include for your employees such as:

  • Personal and contact information

  • Work information

  • Emergency contacts

  • Employee manager


Determine what activities you want to enable in self-service including:

  • Applicable employee life events

  • Applicable manager work events

  • Calendar items to include (schedule, leaves, holidays, training)

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Career Planning

Promote employee development.


Ensure continuity for key roles.

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