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Accuracy or compliance issues

Employee time accountability and review

Automating time rules and policies

Accurate Timekeeping

Keep timekeeping records accurate and compliant.

Record employee work hours, breaks and overtime while adhering to overtime pay requirements and meal/rest break regulations to ensure a happy, healthy workforce.

  • Define and apply rules for how to account for time consistently and automatically on a daily weekly or specified period

  • Define and apply rules to timesheets for time worked based on specific times of day e.g. afternoon shift premiums

  • Compare time worked to time scheduled

Employee Accountability

Make timekeeping easy for your team.

Make timekeeping simple and easy to encourage accurate time collection that adheres to company policy. Use manual timesheets or editable timesheets automatically created for employees to submit, or leverage easy-to-use clocking devices on-site for simple and accurate time collection.

  • Ensure appropriate clocking with geo-fencing through our mobile clocking apps

  • Choose from multiple timesheet layouts including by time type or project, by job or task, etc. and capture start & end time or number of hours

  • Require employees to complete electronic timesheets on a set frequency that are routed to supervisors for review and approval before being sent to payroll for processing

Time Policy Automation

Integrate organizational timekeeping seamlessly.

Avoid errors, inefficiencies and administrative burden by automating your timekeeping policies and time collection strategies. Automation also helps streamline timekeeping processes and workflows to reduce manual entry for highly accurate information that can be delivered directly to payroll.

  • Establish rules for the handling of clock punches such as rounding, thresholds, time intervals, what qualifies as in early or late, etc.

  • Capture time through various clocking methods including Android and iOS mobile apps, web app, biometric clocks or proximity cards

  • Populate timesheets automatically from clock punches or based on staff schedules and approved leaves

Why Workzoom?

  • Provides multiple options for time collection including mobile, terminals, web clocks and timesheets.

  • Manages exceptions rather than reviewing every timesheet.

  • Maintains daily, premium, weekly, pay period rules within the same system.

  • Supports approvals by day, work or period,

Other Vendors

  • Minimal options for time collection.

  • Inflexible approval process approvals.

  • Limited connectivity between schedules, time collection and time off.

  • No ability to set criteria for automatic time approval.

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Coaching Best Practices

Timekeeping Automation

  • How to use rules to account for time automatically

  • Why timesheets should have rules for time worked

  • How and why you should compare time worked to time scheduled

  • Why you should consider clocking devices depending on your business

  • How timesheet approval processes work

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Time Off

Streamline leave management.

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