Streamline your Payroll


Pay confidently

Track time worked to pay your team accurately and meet deadlines with a simple three-step process.

Know the details

Understand the output of every pay cycle with notifications, dashboards and statements.

Save time

Automate your payroll processes and encourage your employees to self-serve their payroll details.


Time & Attendance

Simplify time-related tasks like timesheet submission, approval and corrections and automatically sync entries with Payroll. Employees and managers can easily enter and approve time to avoid productivity dips. Always-on audits surface exceptions in real-time to keep managers informed of any approaching thresholds. Powerful reports and charts give insight into actual labor costs to optimize company spending.

Constant auditing to validate entries.

Track and categorize all time worked and charge it to the right area.

Track time off and manage leave accruals.

Use Labor costing tools for precise planning.



Calculate payroll with a simple three-step process designed to save you time and energy. Pre-configured recurring sundries automatically apply earnings, deductions or taxable benefits each pay, including date-effective pay entries that are applied when the date is reached.

Payroll policy guides automatic generation of pay periods.

Recurring sundries configured to meet your unique needs.

Workflow guides you through the payroll process.



Create any number of benefit plans, unlimited benefit types and unique parameters for each plan in a simple, intuitive way. Plans can easily be managed over time with eligibility rules, enhanced calculations and rate tables that allow for future dated changes. Employees can compare, price and select the best option they are eligible for with convenient plan comparisons. Benefit details all connect seamlessly with payroll.

Continuous monitoring of benefit information ensures compliance.

Enjoy a fully digitized process complete with e-signatures.

Set rules to keep information up-to-date after big life events.

Sync all data and changes with carriers to increase productivity.



Create, submit, approve and reimburse expenses on the go. Employees enjoy easy, paperless data entry while managers leverage thorough spend details. Reimburse employees via Workzoom Payroll or your AP process. Policy-driven rules enable the enforcement of tight, transparent controls while an empowering dashboard provides a clear view of the status of all items.

Track and manage corporate cards.

Enjoy a mileage calculator and receipt scanning.

Automatically integrate submitted expenses with payments.

Approve travel advances when appropriate.


A complete Payroll solution

Workzoom Hub is included with all Payroll subscriptions and comes with a host of features
to help you streamline your administration to save time and energy.

Manage your organization structures, job classifications and all your people details.

Everything you need to attract and hire your next superstars.

Familiarize new hires with your world to help them make the most of their first day.

Engaging self-service dashboards from any device for all roles.

Track and develop important skills over time from job postings to performance reviews.

Manage your pay structures for all employees.

Establish consistent processes to document, investigate and resolve employee issues.

Leverage charts and reporting tools across all your data to make great decisions.

"The application makes use of best in class technology to simplify the workforce management processes..."

Ayo, E., CEO

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