You’re in the right place if you’re struggling with…

Manually collecting receipts

Enforcing company spending policies

Reporting on expenses

Manual Processing

Automate expense processing to save time.

Avoid the time and struggle of managing paper receipts and documentation. Automate expense tracking to save time and reduce errors for more accurate records and compliance with company expense policies.

  • Capture receipts electronically attached to expense statements

  • Employees can submit expense statements which, once approved, can flow directly into payroll for processing

Policy Enforcement

Control company spending.

Make sure company spending is legitimate. Take control and prevent fraud or unintentional violations through receipt validation, expense approvals and regular audits.

  • Capture taxes, travel per diems, mileage rates etc. through online expense statements with appropriate approvals

  • Manage travel advance requests and approvals and payout through payroll if desired

  • Track which staff have been issued corporate credit cards

Expense Reporting

Gain insight into spending trends.

Improve visibility and analytics to gain insight into spending patterns and expense trends so you can optimize spending across the organization.

  • Understand how expenses are trending over time

  • Determine the most frequent expenses being charged

Why Workzoom?

  • Simplifies reporting and reimbursement for employees.

  • Helps manage travel advances and other employee expenses.

  • Supports assignment and tracking of employee credit cards.

Other Vendors

  • Often use 3rd party integrations.

  • Manual tracking of credit card and other asset assignments.

  • Manual processes for submission and approval before payment.

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