Maximize your Talent


Align goals

Set company goals and cascade specific directives right down to individual employees to align team efforts.

Boost engagement

Develop a sense of connection and camaraderie with enlightening dashboards, updates and resources.

Inspire growth

Encourage your employees to build a career with your company with the help of regular feedback and helpful resources.



Amp up learning with an integrated, engaging experience. Learners enjoy access to personalized content aligned with their goals. Workzoom Learning centralizes learning activities and content for easy management. Administrators can build, schedule and monitor activities with clear dashboards to measure effectiveness.

Increase participation with engaging on-site and e-learning content.

Cater to different learning styles with a variety of interactive media.

Measure progress with built-in questionnaires.

Track and verify required training to stay compliant.



Grow your employees as you grow your business by developing their strengths, while you cut down on turnover and enhance productivity. Workzoom Performance enables your managers to proactively bring out the best in their teams. Administrators can configure processes to define the right steps, participants and evaluation structure to suit your performance culture.

Provide clear direction on how to advance employee careers.

Flexible reviews meet your unique development needs.

Define cascading goals and monitor performance.

Enable managers to provide feedback on a regular basis.



Cultivate talent from within your organization and ensure leadership continuity with tools that help identify, track and develop those positioned to take on critical roles. Assess risk and readiness with robust analytics and insight into key measures to ensure short and long term success.

Identify top talent and plan for crucial decisions with analytics.

Create plans to prepare employees for succession opportunities.

Assess employee readiness to close skill gaps.

Maintain talent pools to find your next generation of leaders.


A complete Talent solution

Workzoom Hub is included with all Talent subscriptions and comes with a host of features
to help you streamline your administration to save time and energy.

Manage your organization structures, job classifications and all your people details.

Everything you need to attract and hire your next superstars.

Familiarize new hires with your world to help them make the most of their first day.

Engaging self-service dashboards from any device for all roles.

Track and develop important skills over time from job postings to performance reviews.

Manage your pay structures for all employees.

Establish consistent processes to document, investigate and resolve employee issues.

Leverage charts and reporting tools across all your data to make great decisions.

"The application makes use of best in class technology to simplify the workforce management processes..."

Ayo, E., CEO

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