Optimize your Workforce


Track time easily

Capture time seamlessly, automate your rules and eliminate errors.

Drive efficiency

Ensure the right people are working at the right time and stay up-to-date on schedule variances.

Understand costs

Gain insight on time spent across the organization so you can optimize it to improve your bottom line.



Automate scheduling processes to get your managers back to responding to daily changes and improve overall productivity and compliance. With Workzoom, enjoy real-time visibility into employee data, shift distribution and total scheduled hours to make informed staffing decisions.

Easily match skill sets with shift requirements.

Communicate shift info with employees in real-time.

Use schedule templates to simplify ongoing use.



Automatically capture time entries for maximum accuracy with minimal effort. Web clocking provides browser-based convenience with unique user IDs and passwords. Proximity clocking through traditional time clocks and card sensors captures time seamlessly at work locations. Workzoom comes complete with the ability to configure rules and policies to your unique specifications.

Full mobile time entry, including geo-location tracking.

Unique IDs and passwords to prevent buddy-punching.

Web, proximity or bio-clocking options.


Time & Attendance

Simplify time-related tasks like timesheet submission, approval and corrections. Gain visibility over time off to ensure optimum staffing levels. Employees can quickly enter time worked and manage their time off requests with self-service to reduce administrative burden. Managers can view previous absences, leave balances and team availability to make informed approval decisions.

Use policies to meet company standards.

Flexible time off approval from auto to multi-level.

Automatic accruals based on your policies.

Time Off calendar to avoid conflicts.


Safety & Health

Workzoom Safety & Health helps you manage the entire incident lifecycle. Track and report incidents across the organization efficiently while ensuring the right individuals are involved at the right time. Gain the insight you need to reduce incidents, minimize impact and prevent lost time.

Personal, medical and incident records

Safety policies and forms

Comprehensive pre-configured reports


A complete Workforce solution

Workzoom Hub is included with all Workforce subscriptions and comes with a host of features
to help you streamline your administration to save time and energy.

Manage your organization structures, job classifications and all your people details.

Everything you need to attract and hire your next superstars.

Familiarize new hires with your world to help them make the most of their first day.

Engaging self-service dashboards from any device for all roles.

Track and develop important skills over time from job postings to performance reviews.

Manage your pay structures for all employees.

Establish consistent processes to document, investigate and resolve employee issues.

Leverage charts and reporting tools across all your data to make great decisions.

"The application makes use of best in class technology to simplify the workforce management processes..."

Ayo, E., CEO

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