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Per employee per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Are there minimum fees and if so, what are they?2023-09-13T14:35:19-04:00

Workzoom uses a simple per employee per month subscription fee with monthly fee minimums depending on how many suites you subscribe to:

1 Suite: $400 per month
2 Suites: $500 per month
3 Suites: $600 per month
All Suites: $700 per month

If your PEPM fee multiplied by your employee count is greater than the above minimums, the minimums do not apply to you.

What’s included in my monthly price?2023-07-06T08:28:20-04:00

All Workzoom subscriptions start with the Workzoom Hub and grow to other suites depending on what your business needs. There are no implementation fees to get up and running on our standard solution. For companies with more intricate requirements, we’ll work with you to better understand your needs and formulate a plan to help you achieve your goals. Workzoom subscriptions are evergreen… there are no long term commitments and your PEPM price will NEVER go up!

Do I have to commit to a term?2023-07-06T08:28:13-04:00

We’re here to earn your business every single month. You don’t need to lock in for any length of time.

Are there any discounts?2023-07-06T08:28:05-04:00

Yes, there is! Save 5% if you pay annually in advance.

We are in much better alignment with Workzoom as our system of truth.

Workzoom gives us the ability to forward onboarding documents and training automatically (upon hire) and tracks all work assignment and person changes.

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