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Providing clearly defined career paths

Retaining and developing talent

Changing workforce dynamics

Defined Career Paths

Balance employee goals with company objectives.

Ensure employee goals align with strategic company objectives to ensure mutual benefit for the length of the employee’s career. Clear communication, regular dialogue and highly visible objectives contribute to engagement and company success.

  • Define career paths for employees for visibility into advancement opportunities

  • Empower employees to set goals for career growth

  • Compare employee skills, knowledge, certifications to those required for positions on their career path

Retention and Development

Sustain and grow your team for optimum engagement.

Identify clear career paths for every employee to avoid feeling stagnant or limited opportunities. Execute on planned career paths through training, mentorship and advancement opportunities to nurture employees and encourage loyalty.

  • Structure regular coaching and mentoring sessions with employees and their managers, capture notes and feedback through assessments and keep a full record of development

  • Build custom development plans to help employees achieve the requirements for advancement

  • Use 12-Box Evaluation to identify employee’s potential risk of leaving the organization

  • Identify and rate the low and/or high performers in the organization

Workforce Agility

Thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Navigate an ever-evolving business environment with everything you need to support changing workforce demographics, tech advancements and skill requirements. Accurately predict the needs of your future workforce with career plans that can accommodate emerging skill sets and identify potential skill gaps.

  • Understand who is performing well in the organization

  • Track what goals employees are working towards

  • Determine what employees are enrolled in which development programs

  • Monitor readiness levels for advancement

Why Workzoom?

  • Align company and employee expectations for engagement and commitment.

  • Provide tools managers need to become career coaches for their team.

  • Support employees as they take charge of their goals and career.

Other Vendors

  • Minimal career planning functionality if any.

  • Missing link between performance and career path.

  • Employees unsupported in growing their careers.

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Coaching Best Practices

Engagement Automation

  • How to keep employees up-to-date with urgent and non-urgent news

  • Best practices on collecting survey information based on your team

  • How and why you should be creating polls to understand employee sentiment

  • How to use calendar events to keep employees informed of important dates

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