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Providing a structured and organized onboarding process

Effectively integrating new hires into your company culture

Providing new hire training based on their role

Structured Onboarding

Be clear and organized for a great start.

Organize and automate administrative tasks, tools and system access. Support new hires with a step-by-step process to walk them through providing their personal details (tax and banking info) through to any employee handbooks or training materials before their first day.

  • Initiate onboarding process before a new hire’s first day

  • Provide applicable tax forms (W4s, T4s) to complete and sign online

  • Assign probationary reviews after a set period

Engaging New Hires

Immerse new hires in company culture.

Connect your new hires not just to their roles but to the company as a whole. Provide the resources they need to truly understand company values and practices while forming supportive bonds with colleagues and managers.

  • Communicate culture with videos and special introductions

  • Determine what areas of the business are hiring the most (by department, worksite, etc.)

  • Notify other personnel of new hires and assign tasks to them

Providing Training

Provide specific and relevant training.

Ensure your new hires are competent and confident in their new roles and are able to contribute to the company’s success right from the start. Provide tailored and role-specific training that aligns both with company objectives and new hire career goals.

  • Provide general and/or job specific training to new hires

Why Workzoom?

  • Unifies the onboarding process from applicant through to first day.

  • Reduces admin for managers so they can focus on people.

  • Gives applicants a great first impression and cohesive experience.

  • Equips new employees with all the resources they need to do the best work.

Other Vendors

  • Poor & inconsistent employee experience.

  • Manual workflows and paperwork for everyone involved.

  • Data errors and duplication issues.

  • Compliance risks.

  • Limited visibility and reporting,

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How we work together to optimize Workzoom for your business.

Configuring Data & Workflows

Capturing employee information

Determine what information you want to include from your employees such as:

  • Personal details

  • Address and contact information

  • Emergency contacts

  • Banking details with sample pay stub

  • Benefit selections

Configuring Data & Workflows

Timed employee communications

Determine what and when you want to send communications to your team including:

  • New hire company welcome message

  • New hire alert to manager

  • First day of work orientation to new hire

Configuring Data & Workflows

Electronic form completion & signing

Decide what you want to make available to your team electronically such as:

  • W2, TD1, TD1, ON government forms

  • Sign benefit PDFs

Configuring Data & Workflows

Assigned training & policy review

Determine what resources will be made available in Workzoom including:

  • Company handbooks

  • Safety or orientations policies

  • Embed PDFs, videos and other resources

  • Link to external systems

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