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Quickly collecting and auditing payroll data

Aligning payroll and financial details

Staying compliant and meeting filing deadlines

Automated Data Collection

Pay accurately and on-time.

Ensure payroll calculations are accurate and consistent while efficiently gathering and processing employee work hours, leave, and other pay-related data to save time and reduce the workload on payroll admin. Enjoy real-time data access and analysis to ensure employee payments are correct and disbursed on time.

  • Collect pay entries and calculate payroll in real time including time, time off, benefits, recurring entries, etc.

  • Process one or multiple payrolls for different sets of employees and businesses

  • Calculate payroll taxes for Canada, the United States and Bahamas

Financial Analysis

Analyze and attribute all costs.

Maximize your analysis capability by aligning your payroll software and financial system. Get precise, real-time insight into where and how money is being spent, facilitating better budget management and cost control. Support strategic decision-making through detailed financial visibility to labor costs.

  • Define the chart of accounts to be included and processed through payroll

  • Track cost and wage allocations based on predefined parameters

  • Generate journal entries automatically through pay processing

Legislation & Filings Management

Stay compliant and meet deadlines.

Choose to manage your legislative filings independently or take advantage of additional payroll services from Workzoom to relieve pressure and stress on filing deadlines.

  • Record government registration numbers for each government agency the organization does business with

  • Auto generate remittance filing details based on filing frequency

  • Know what remittances are due to be filed and how much the organization owes

Why Workzoom?

  • Minimizes manual input for payroll teams, allowing them to focus on crucial validation and audit tasks.

  • Ensures precise and timely remuneration for employees.

  • Utilizes comprehensive data analysis and immediate access to payroll data to enhance decision-making capabilities.

  • Streamlines the automation of payroll-related financial accounting and record-keeping.

Other Vendors

  • Redundant and mistake-prone entry of payroll information.

  • Variable and unreliable outcomes.

  • Insufficient analytical insights from data.

  • Sub-standard client support.

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How we work together to optimize Workzoom for your business.

Configuring Data & Workflows

Payroll Configuration

  • Define frequency and cut-offs

  • Capture legislative details

  • Align pay codes

Configuring Data & Workflows

Payroll Entry Setup

  • Record payroll supplier registration numbers

  • Schedule automated taxable allowances/deductions, garnishments, stipends, etc.

Configuring Data & Workflows

Payroll Accounting

  • Define organization costing

  • Map pay codes to cost accounts

  • How to balance journals

Coaching Best Practices

Payroll Automation

  • How to process pays in three steps

  • Validation tips and techniques

  • Understanding disbursements

  • Processing ROEs

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Simplify and standardize expenditures.

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