How we fit Planning to your business.

Workzoom is out-of-the-box software that is fitted to suit your needs.


We’ll work to understand how Planning currently works and what you want to achieve.


You’ll see Workzoom in action and we’ll work together to fit Workzoom to the way you work.


We’ll configure Planning based on your needs and the product’s abilities.


Your newly fit Workzoom will help you achieve your goals and track your progress.

Powerful features to help you control labour and costs.

Interactive reports.

Gain insight and answer questions about your business quickly.

We have been able to have all personnel data in one place, get rid of excel docs and get back time for strategic planning.

Workzoom has helped consolidate our world into one platform, automate recruiting and onboarding, track compa-ratio/quartiles and compare compensation to performance reviews.

KnowledgeOne Inc.

More Workzoom Workforce.


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A centralized employee platform accessible from any device at any time for all your administrative needs.


Establish consistent processes and gain clarity into the details of your people management.


Keep everyone informed and connected with regular alerts, notifications and communication.

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