How Time Off Fits Your Business.

1. Experience

Your Workzoom Coach will seek to understand how you do business while demonstrating Workzoom’s functionality and how it can be fit to suit your needs.

  • What are the greatest challenged that your organization faces with managing time off? How does your organization currently manage leave requests?

  • Empower employees to submit leave requests based on available time/$ balances

  • Increase visibility to team availability to help drive smart choices and ensure adequate coverage

  • Enable managers to track direct personnel time off entitlement to approve or deny time off requests

2. Collaborate

The success of Workzoom depends on you and your team communicating with your Coach! To make the most of Workzoom we will work together to:

  • Create leave policies to set parameters for entitlement, usage, carry over and accrual directed only to eligible employees

  • Create short-term leave policies to cover vacation/PTO, sick, personal leave, day off in lieu, birthday leave, bereavement leave, moving day, etc.

  • Identify long term leaves observed by your organization

  • Set service levels to automatically determine employee entitlement based on hire date, seniority date or original hire date

3. Achieve

After fitting Workzoom to you, you will be able to:

  • Track different types of long-term leaves of absence with rules identifying employment status, pay and benefits status, etc.

  • Provide employees and managers visibility into entitlements and balances

  • Use automated workflows for employee leave requests and manager approvals

  • Track a full dated history of all leaves (approved denied, taken, or withdrawn)

  • Enable managers to track direct personnel time off entitlements to approve or deny time off requests

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