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Are you looking for a way to formalize your training and development with a learning management system?

  • Create a culture of learning

  • Simplify and streamline course management

  • Plan and track all training activities

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Create a culture of learning

A centralized learning management solution to deliver educational content across all subject areas.

  • Easy-access online and external learning content

  • Support multi-media e-learning modules (Tin Can)

  • Built-in assessments or external evaluations

Simplify and streamline course management

Manage all of your training programs, courses and classes in one learning management solution.

  • Support all types of courses (e-learning, webinar, classroom)

  • Prepare course catalogs with class schedules, track enrollment and waiting lists

  • Use workflows to confirm pre-requisites, obtain approvals, distribute materials, etc.

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Plan and track all training activities

Give your employees an integrated, engaging learning experience.

  • Make learning a priority starting with onboarding

  • Use job-specific programs to develop competencies

  • Retain a full training history with results and costs from internal and external training events

Learning with Workzoom

Boost engagement

Build confidence and skills in your whole team.

Improve competence

Develop employees to their full potential.

Stay compliant

Use Workzoom automation to help you stay compliant.

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“The solution is seamless in terms of the product itself and the people who support it. There are modules to address every area of our people platform and they all integrate so the chances of human error are lessened by automatic data flow.”

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