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How We Fit Personnel To Your Business.

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Your Workzoom Coach will seek to understand how you do business while demonstrating Workzoom’s functionality and how it can be fit to suit your needs.

  • Consolidate personnel information while providing an engaging employee and manager self-service experience

  • Centralize employee information with comprehensive date effective records including electronic documents

  • Provide a central portal for employees to access information such as pay stubs, personal info updates, work schedules, requests for time off, and more

  • Engage your new hires with a branded new hire onboarding experience

Collaborate With Your Coach

The success of Workzoom depends on you and your team communicating with your Coach! To make the most of Workzoom we will work together to:

  • Define your organizations new hire onboarding process

  • Articulate your company’s wage scale grids

Achieve Your Goals

After fitting Workzoom to you, you will be able to:

  • Consolidate, automate, and standardize new hire onboarding process

  • Validate employee data with reports and receive prompts to advise of information change requests

  • Update job/position to follow employee lifecycle up to and including termination

  • Update compensation grids
  • Extract reports on natural attrition, headcount, comprehensive personnel data, etc.

  • Maintain, report, and have full visibility to the full employee lifecycle

Special Predictive Section.

AI features

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