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Workforce Employee Scheduling

Does it feel like getting operations to run smoothly is a juggling act?

Schedulers are under enormous pressure not just to create the schedules but to keep them up and running without incident.

The schedulers we talk to are really feeling the pressure. Setting up schedules is a manageable part of their role, but it’s really just the beginning. The real challenge begins when the substitutions start rolling in and they have to juggle vacations, appointments or even sick leaves after the shift has started. On top of keeping the schedule running smoothly, sometimes there are specific competencies that are required to fill a shift, or rules associated with collective bargaining agreements that have to be followed. Schedulers need binders, rosters and little magic to keep all the balls in the air.

Workzoom was built to eliminate as much stress as possible in the scheduling process. Templated or recurring schedules project into the future. Timesheets automatically become the basis for time tracking. Employees request leaves and swap shifts through their self-service portal and when approved by their manager, schedulers are made aware of the change. Workzoom facilitates shift bidding based on competencies and rules defined by the company, and if the shift isn’t picked up or the change is last minute, the scheduler is presented with a list of qualified fill so they can work their magic, without the stress.

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Workzoom helps with everything from templates to qualified fill to alleviate scheduling pressure.

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Get The Right People Working At The Right Time

Workzoom consolidates and automates your Operations and compliance.

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