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Workzoom frees up senior resources by helping employees and managers find answers and execute tasks.

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Are you spending too much time chasing data to perform simple tasks for others?

Helping others find information or answering administrative questions takes away from the real value you add to the organization.

One of the most common themes we hear about at Workzoom is that senior level people are feeling overwhelmed chasing data and helping others perform simple administrative tasks. Their days are consumed with getting others the answers they need to specific questions or helping them complete administrative to dos because there’s no system in place to enable their staff to take responsibility for their own information. Often these management-level people are in Operations, Payroll or HR and they’d rather be applying their skills and experience towards developing their team.

With Workzoom, everyone in the organization is empowered to take control of their world with access to a self-service portal. Within that portal, their entire world from HR to Payroll to Scheduling is consolidated. Employees have what they need to change their personal details, view their schedule, check their time balances or review their benefit or payroll information in one place. Automated workflows take care of simple tasks, so managers and administrators are left with only the most important to dos on their list like requests for time off, overtime or banking information updates. They’re left with more time in their day to get proactive with their people.

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One Solution For All Your Self-Service Needs

Workzoom helps with everything from contact details to prioritized tasks to reduce time spent on admin.

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Recruit Your Next Rock Stars

Workzoom consolidates and automates recruiting so you can attract, qualify, hire and onboard the best candidates.

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Empower Your People With Self-service

Workzoom frees up senior resources by helping everyone find answers and execute tasks.

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Get The Right People Working At The Right Time

Workzoom consolidates and automates your Operations and compliance.

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Track Time Accurately And Efficiently

Workzoom helps companies track time at the source to understand how it’s being spent.

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Drive Performance, Learning And Growth

Workzoom engages and grows your people with courses and regular feedback.

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Take Control Of Your Payroll And Benefits

Workzoom consolidates and automates everything that makes up payroll and benefits.

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“The solution is seamless in terms of the product itself and the people who support it. There are modules to address every area of our people platform and they all integrate so the chances of human error are lessened by automatic data flow.”

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