You’re in the right place if you’re struggling with…

Managing multiple job boards

Organizing applicant information

Inconsistent applicant processing

Using spreadsheets to compare and rank applicants

Job Board Management

Attract applicants from thousands of sources.

Attract applicants from many sources including your company website, job boards and more while providing a clear and consistently recruiting experience to all candidates.

  • Present a streamlined candidate experience from application to job acceptance

  • Automatically post open jobs to your career page and capture applications directly on your website

  • Post to over 25,000 job boards including LinkedIn and Indeed with Workzoom’s Job Target integration

Applicant Organization

Organize applicant details for your whole team.

Maximize automation with profile creation and history as much to minimize risk and allow your team to focus on hiring interviews.

  • Designate candidates to unlimited job pools to create your own searchable talent database

  • Use intelligent searching to find candidates matching specific criteria based on their resume content

  • Capture comprehensive candidate profiles with full effective date record of applications and results

Automated Screening

Automate applicant processing from start to finish.

Use workflows to create consistency for all applicants ensuring a fair outcome and easy decision making for your hiring managers.

  • Auto-deny applicants who do not meet requirements

  • Send templated offer letters for e-signature and store signed docs on the applicant profile

  • Transition successful applicants to new hire onboarding automatically

Applicant Comparison

Quickly see the strongest applicants.

State your goals, values and job requirements up front to ensure you get the right people interested in the job. Use templates for consistency.

  • Compare applicants based on skills, education levels, work history, etc.

  • Capture and assess applicant competencies and compare them to job requirements

  • Short list applicants through ranking methods (1st-3rd pick, short listed, preferred, etc.)

Why Workzoom?

  • Gives applicants a great first impression and cohesive experience.

  • Reduces admin for managers so they can focus on people.

  • One single solution for all onboarding activities from applicant through to first day.

  • Equips new employees with all the resources they need to do the best work.

Other Vendors

  • Jumping from system to system with multiple logins.

  • Require repetitive data entry at multiple points in the process.

  • Limited functionality with respect to training.

  • No configuration or ongoing support.

It’s easy to get started.

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Fitting activities included with your subscription:

Job opening creation process

Determine what information you want to include for job postings such as:

  • Specify requisition approval

  • Define standard job templates

  • Define common job offers

  • Connect with job boards

  • Turn on real time web site job listings

Common applicant processing activities

Determine common processing activities and adjust based on automation:

  • Define desired communications between Applicant/Recruiter/Manager

  • Pre-screen questions with applicant info visible

  • Applicant phone interview details

  • Define in-person interview standard questions for manager/recruiter

  • Requirements for reference checks and notes

  • Rejection letter information

Pre-boarding activities

Determine what should be done before an employee’s first day:

  • Setting wages and job specifics

  • Process to review / approve job specifics

  • Email candidate with automatically created job offer with candidate information

  • Requirements for background check and or update job offer status

  • Auto-decline other applicants if opening is filled

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Centralize your people data.


Reduce compliance risk and administrative burden.


Connect and align your team.

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