You’re in the right place if you’re struggling with…

Inconsistent or inaccurate employee data

Heavy administrative burden

Lack of insight on company trends

Accurate Employee Information

A single source of truth for all personnel data.

Bring together your people information into a single platform for simplified access that will minimize errors, reduce inconsistencies and promote compliance for everything from qualifications to benefits administration to payroll.

  • Centralize employee profiles with date-effective records

  • Upload key documents to profiles like contracts, etc.

  • Track all current and historic compensation details

  • Store emergency contacts

Automated Activities

Automate common activities to free up time.

Jumping from system to system, manually updating employee information can completely consume HR time. Consolidate personnel management to minimize inefficiencies and errors. Self-service for employees and managers enables them to maintain their own profiles while administrators oversee all changes.

  • Delegate responsibilities during short or long term absences

  • Automate compensation change requests and approval workflows

  • Enable self service for pay stubs, profile updates, schedules and more

  • Support changes that impact benefits (marriage, etc.) with automated workflows

Company Insight

Understand data trends to make informed decisions.

Centralizing your organization’s data produces an incredible wealth of insight when it comes to workforce trends, productivity and areas for improvement. Use key insights to help your team make informed decisions.

  • Get real-time and date-effective org charts of departments, positions or people

  • Understand employee demographics to determine gaps

  • Keep a pulse on hiring, promotions and transfers

Why Workzoom?

  • One single solution for all onboarding from applicant through to first day.

  • Reduces admin for managers so they can focus on people.

  • Gives applicants a great first impression and cohesive experience.

  • Equips new employees with all the resources they need to do the best work.

Other Vendors

  • Jumping from system to system with multiple logins.

  • Require repetitive data entry at multiple points in the process.

  • Limited functionality with respect to training.

  • No configuration or ongoing support.

It’s easy to get started.

Discover, experience, subscribe! It’s easy to get up and running with Workzoom. Start with a discovery call to learn more.

Fitting activities included with your subscription:

Employee data migration

Determine what information you want to include for your employees such as:

  • Personal and contact information

  • Work information

  • Emergency contacts

  • Employee manager

Self-service access and abilities

Determine what activities you want to enable in self-service including:

  • Applicable employee life events

  • Applicable manager work events

  • Calendar items to include (schedule, leaves, holidays, training)

More Workzoom HR.


Simplify onboarding of new hires.


Centralize your people data.


Reduce compliance risk and administrative burden.


Connect and align your team.

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