How Processing Fits Your Business.

1. Experience

Your Workzoom Coach will seek to understand how you do business while demonstrating Workzoom’s functionality and how it can be fit to suit your needs.

  • What challenges do you face when processing pay currently?

  • Who is responsible for processing pay?

  • What are your key processing dates and pay frequencies?

2. Collaborate

The success of Workzoom depends on you and your team communicating with your Coach! To make the most of Workzoom we will work together to:

  • Articulate your business requirements for payroll set up (frequency, key processing dates, business numbers, and corporate bank accounts)

  • Understand your recurring allowances, earnings, deductions, and taxable benefits

  • Outline needs for ad hoc, infrequently used pay codes

  • Review data audits available in pay processing

3. Achieve

After fitting Workzoom to you, you will be able to:

  • Automate payroll inputs from personnel data, time & attendance, benefits, and expenses (as applicable based on subscription)

  • Validate, process, and disburse accurate payroll

  • Audit payroll with detailed payroll registers and ad hoc reporting to the pay entry level

  • Process Records of Employment (Canadian Payroll)

  • Process post-pay adjustment through extra pays, pay reversals, or YTD adjustments

  • Upload pay entries en masse through pay entry batch(es)

  • Record employee non-basic tax exemptions

  • Process and validate recoverable advances

  • Automate statutory holiday averaging calculations

  • Automate monies owed for retroactive salary changes

All Processing Features.

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