How Learning Fits Your Business.

1. Experience

Your Workzoom Coach will seek to understand how you do business while demonstrating Workzoom’s functionality and how it can be fit to suit your needs.

  • What challenges does your organization currently face with learning management?

  • How do you currently manage training and learning?

  • Do your employees gain competencies or certifications by completing training courses?

  • Time approvals to managers/administrators

2. Collaborate

The success of Workzoom depends on you and your team communicating with your Coach! To make the most of Workzoom we will work together to:

  • Understand who is responsible for creating courses and course content

  • Create and/or upload your organizations course content, assessments, and evaluations

  • Clarify how course content is issued (automatically, manually, or both)

  • Define the approval process for employee course enrolment

  • Identify skills, competencies, and certifications received upon course completion

  • Articulate the requirements for course issuance and applicability (i.e., department, job, worker class, etc.)

3. Achieve

After fitting Workzoom to you, you will be able to:

  • Deliver course/class content and assessments on a single platform

  • Consolidate learning records and standardize learning processes

  • Issue course content automatically to appropriate employees and new hires based on role, department, or other applicability

  • Issue course re-enrolment upon course failure

  • Manage training and course completion issued on the job, employment, and department level

  • Document succession and development programs

  • Track training providers and course costing

  • Audit completed and expiring certifications for re-enrolment

  • Maintain succession progress by course completion

  • Create personalized training and development courses based on role in organization

  • Plan and track all training activities and streamline course management

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