Bring your payroll in-house

Take control of your payroll with all the tools you need to pay your people on your terms

  • Pay your people on your schedule, directly from your bank using a simple three-step process

  • Get real-time visibility into payroll data and create reports on-demand

  • Spend your time validating data quality rather than entering it

“The solution is seamless in terms of the product itself and the people who support it. There are modules to address every area of our people platform and they all integrate so the chances of human error are lessened by automatic data flow.”

HR Administrator

In-house Payroll with Workzoom

Real-time visibility

Alerts, notifications and flags for outliers are all visible on your up-to-the-minute payroll dashboard.

Simple process

We’ve simplified pay processing into three fully guided steps to get you through to pay day.

No data entry

Workzoom is an ecosystem of information, so there’s no manual entry required.