All-in-One Employee Self Service

Do you want an employee self service that empowers your entire organization?

  • Capture information at the source

  • Provide visibility into organizational goals and activity

  • Get questions answered without administrative effort

  • Track and review performance

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Capture Information At The Source

Use any device at any time to capture information within Workzoom to reduce errors and save time.

  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed

  • All browsers supported

  • Any smartphone, laptop or desktop

Provide Visibility Into Company Goals And Activities

Keep employees informed with the latest information so they can make great decisions.

  • Notifications and alerts for company activities

  • Insightful analytics on every dashboard

  • Make company goals visible and cascade them through departments

Get Questions Answered Without Administration Effort

Encourage your whole team to maintain their own information and stay up-to-date with their balances.

  • Update life events like marriage, adding dependents, moving etc.

  • Access pay stubs, schedules, time balances, benefit enrolments and more on-demand

  • Managers and administrators have a 360 degree view of their teams

“The solution is seamless in terms of the product itself and the people who support it. There are modules to address every area of our people platform and they all integrate so the chances of human error are lessened by automatic data flow.”

HR Administrator
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