Powerful features to help you organize and automate.

  • Auto-deny applicants who do not meet requirements

  • Send templated offer letters for e-signature and store signed docs on the applicant profile

  • Transition successful applicants to new hire onboarding automatically

  • Automatically reject and send notices to applicants when job posting has been filled

  • Allow applicants or recruiters to withdraw an application created in error

  • Assign specific job postings to designated recruiters to organize and segregate as required

  • Quickly hire an applicant and by-pass the recruiting workflow

  • Define different recruiting workflows for specialized or managerial jobs

  • Understand how many applicants are in the funnel and what stage they’re at

Frequently Asked Questions.

Engagement uses targeted memos, alerts, polls and surveys to keep your team informed while providing them with an outlet to feel heard. Instant communication with appropriate tracking features like read receipts ensure management can get out from under endless emails and know exactly when a person has received and read an important update.

By incorporating surveys and polls, Engagement allows you to capture valuable employee insights on everything from working arrangements to industry issues. This in turn gives management more context when making decisions that can positively impact their team driving a culture of communication.

Yes! Engagement will let you target specific people at specific times ensuring clarity across your organization. You can send instantly or schedule to send at a later date plus read receipts and view counts help management ensure compliance.

Engagement enables the uploading and customizing Resources to suit your needs. You can upload a variety of file types plus any essential links to ensure the whole team has the information they need when they need it. Resources can be organized by subject and made available from related dashboards for quick and easy access.

Workzoom is like a Lamborghini; where my old software was like a Bug.

It’s amazing that Workzoom is not only going to reduce the stress for us, but the stress for our new hires by having all of our previous documents automated and in one place.

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