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Keep everyone in the loop.

Concise, prioritized alerts and memos make it easy to share important details with specific audiences complete with read receipts for accountability.

Understand your team on a deeper level.

Harness the power of polls to collect team preferences easily. Broaden your understanding with surveys for more in-depth opinions on everything from job satisfaction to workplace improvements so management can make data-driven decisions.

Share resources quickly

and easily.

Centralize all safety protocols, workplace guidelines and other important documents. Bring everything together to make day-to-day tasks easier while important resources are highly visible and easily accessed by all.

I learned so much from my team and overall employee satisfaction is up 88%.

It’s amazing that Workzoom is not only going to reduce the stress for us, but the stress for our new hires by having all of our previous documents automated and in one place.

Jane Smith

ABC Company Inc.

How we fit Engagement to your business.

Workzoom is out-of-the-box software that is fitted to suit your needs.


We’ll work to understand how Engagement currently works and what you want to achieve.


You’ll see Workzoom in action and we’ll work together to fit Workzoom to the way you work.


We’ll configure Engagement based on your needs and the products abilities.


Your newly fit Workzoom will help you achieve your goals and track your progress.

Powerful features to help you connect and align.

Interactive reports.

Gain insight and answer questions about your business quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Engagement transform team communication?

Engagement uses targeted memos, alerts, polls and surveys to keep your team informed while providing them with an outlet to feel heard. Instant communication with appropriate tracking features like read receipts ensure management can get out from under endless emails and know exactly when a person has received and read an important update.

How do surveys and polls impact company culture?

By incorporating surveys and polls, Engagement allows you to capture valuable employee insights on everything from working arrangements to industry issues. This in turn gives management more context when making decisions that can positively impact their team driving a culture of communication.

Can updates be sent to specific groups of people?

Yes! Engagement will let you target specific people at specific times ensuring clarity across your organization. You can send instantly or schedule to send at a later date plus read receipts and view counts help management ensure compliance.

What kind of resources can be held within the platform?

Engagement enables the uploading and customizing Resources to suit your needs. You can upload a variety of file types plus any essential links to ensure the whole team has the information they need when they need it. Resources can be organized by subject and made available from related dashboards for quick and easy access.

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Consolidate and streamline hiring.


Simplify onboarding of new hires.


Centralize your people data.


Reduce compliance risk and administrative burden.

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