Happy New Year from the whole Workzoom team! We’ve got our fingers (and toes?) crossed for a brighter 2022. When it comes to HR software this year, we’ve got a few predictions for the market we’d love to share with you.

Consolidation of HR Systems

The last ten years have brought an explosion of Cloud solutions for every single administrative process imaginable. There are best-of-breed solutions for everything from Applicant Tracking to Scheduling to Time Off to Talent Management to Payroll. We went from paper to the Cloud and now everyone has a million and one logins OR fussy integrations between products. Forbes has also pointed out, the last two years have placed an enormous burden on HR having to adapt and comply with fast-changing rules and regulations. 2022 will bring a pursuit of streamlined consolidation. One product and one login for everything. People will sacrifice a few bells and whistles of best-of-breed for an all-in-one solution that can handle everything from hire to retire.

Security takes top priority

Security has always been a consideration when looking for software, but this year it’s going to take top spot. The ransomware attack of a major HRIS vendor at the end of last year was a major disruptor for several organizations that lost time tracked and struggled with getting accurate pays to their employees. How and where data is stored and backed up is going to be a major priority for companies this year.

Cloud-based efficiency shines

It’s clear that automation of administrative processes saves time and money. It’s also clear that over the last 2 years the way we work has changed… dramatically… and employee’s like it that way. According to HBR’s Our Work-From-Anywhere Future, workers believe the freedom to work from anywhere is an important benefit of their job. Simple things like requesting a day off, or changing your address can no longer be accomplished by popping by the administrators desk on your break. The transition to working from home means companies need a simple and easy way to take care of day-to-day administration of their teams. Employees need a way to update their personal info, request time off or change their address from their computer or phone. All-in-one solutions that store personal details and process common life events have gone from nice-to-have to must-have.

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