How Organization Fits Your Business.

1. Experience

Your Workzoom Coach will seek to understand how you do business while demonstrating Workzoom’s functionality and how it can be fit to suit your needs.

  • How would you describe your current organizational structure?

  • What kinds of employees do you have? How do you currently define them?

2. Collaborate

The success of Workzoom depends on you and your team communicating with your Coach! To make the most of Workzoom we will work together to:

  • Articulate how your organization is structured – jobs, departments, work locations

  • Articulate your types of employees – full or part time, permanent, casual, union, etc.

  • Define your management structure for automated approval workflows

  • Understand how the organization is structured

  • Engage in an interactive approach with your Workzoom coach

3. Achieve

After fitting Workzoom to you, you will be able to:

  • View your organization chart from different perspectives such as people, departments, or position

  • Search and filter to target and analyze organizational data

  • Identify unique groups of employees to whom all the same rule and entitlement apply to; helping to automate activities such as pay generation, timekeeping, and performance reviews

  • Upload data directly into Workzoom using simple templates and import features

  • Simplify the management hierarchy

  • Easily view the departments and the jobs, work assignments, groups, and projects associated to them

  • Maintain your organization (adding new elements, reorganizing, deprecating) and leverage cascading data throughout Workzoom

All Organization Features.

All Organization Insight.

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