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Staffing & Scheduling

Employee Retention & Turnover

Compliance & Regulations

Efficient Scheduling

Balance staff and skills to meet demands.

Avoid overtime or understaffing while forecasting workloads and allocating shifts across multiple departments. Bring it all together with time tracking and payroll integration.

  • Optimize employee schedules with automated planning, considering availability and qualifications to fill shifts strategically

  • Instantly know who is working, absent or late and gain insight into attendance patterns

  • Streamline payroll with verified time data, reducing errors and ensuring timely and accurate compensation for employees

Engage & Train Employees

Support and grow your workforce.

Empower your workers with tools to independently manage their profiles while fostering connectivity with the organization and providing growth opportunities.

  • Provide self-service for employees to manage personal updates, see scheduling details and request leaves

  • Facilitate targeted training to individuals or groups to bridge skill gaps

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Compliance & Regulations

Manage overtime & support workplace safety.

Keep up with evolving labor laws and regulations by storing the latest documentation and ensuring up-to-date tracking for overtime and safety events.

  • Ensure skilled employees are scheduled appropriately and receive notifications for upcoming certification expiries

  • Fill shift openings with pre-qualified staff

  • Adhere to labor laws and regulations to minimize compliance risks while managing staffing costs effectively

  • Track safety incidents to understand trends and make informed decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Workzoom simplifies scheduling with a “set and forget” system that’s quick to implement and easy to adjust. Reap the benefits of clear visibility and effortlessly meet shift requirements for smooth-flowing operations.

Workzoom streamlines vacancy filling by using algorithms that analyze skills, availability, and proximity to generate a list of qualified candidates, ensuring proper staffing for each shift.

Workzoom provides comprehensive skill-tracking tools that allow manufacturers to oversee employee qualifications, track certification expirations, and ensure that only qualified personnel work on specific tasks.

Yes, Workzoom enables targeted communication within the platform, allowing managers to send updates, notifications, and essential information to specific groups based on department, skill set, or any custom grouping, enhancing communication efficiency.

Workzoom allows you to manage a variety of resources, including employee documents, training materials, compliance certificates, and safety records. Our platform ensures that all resources are securely stored and easily accessible.

Workzoom helps manufacturers comply with labor laws and workplace safety regulations by maintaining up-to-date documentation, tracking overtime, and managing certification renewals. Our platform alerts you to potential compliance issues before they become a problem.

Integrating time tracking with payroll through Workzoom minimizes errors, reduces administrative overhead, and ensures that employees are compensated accurately and on time. This integration streamlines payroll processing and improves overall operational efficiency.

Workzoom enhances employee engagement by providing tools for self-service in schedule management, personal updates, and leave requests. Additionally, our platform supports targeted training programs to help employees advance their skills, boosting satisfaction and retention.

Getting started with Workzoom is simple and cost-effective. At only $4 per employee, per month, per suite, with no hidden onboarding fees, our pricing is designed to scale. To explore how Workzoom can be customized to meet your specific manufacturing needs, book a complimentary 15-minute call today.