The last two years have been challenging for individuals and businesses alike as we all attempt to navigate the world of work and the far-reaching impacts of Covid-19. As we transition to a “new normal”, Workzoom has been hard at work refining how we use technology to help our clients keep their teams and workplaces safe.

Scheduling and Vaccine Status

If your workplace requires double-vaccination to enter the premises or perform specific tasks, Workzoom provides businesses with the ability to define vaccine status as a competency for any or all jobs in the system. When schedules are automatically generated, or when shifts become available, only employees that have confirmed their double-vaccination competency will be eligible to fill those shifts.

Clocking with Masks and Temperature Checks

Workzoom is proud to provide our clients with the latest and greatest technology when it comes to clocking. If your devices need an upgrade, Workzoom’s facial recognition clocks are capable of facial recognition clocking even when employees are wearing masks. As an additional precaution, our devices are also capable of doing a temperate check on clock in/out.

Can Workzoom help you navigate the impacts of Covid on the workplace? Get started with us today and try Workzoom for free.

Published On: October 18th, 2021 / Categories: Workzoom /

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