If you’re in the market for software, you already know there’s SO MUCH to choose from! Whether you’re looking to solve a very specific pain point like scheduling, or you want an end-to-end complete solution that will help you manage all aspects of your employees from hiring to payday, the process of finding the perfect fit can be a real challenge!

This week, we thought it would be helpful to look specifically at how Workzoom’s technology stacks up to some of the other end-to-end solution providers available today. Stay tuned in future weeks for comparisons in other areas as well.

So, how does Workzoom technology stack up to other vendors?

Workzoom was built from the ground up to be an end-to-end solution. That means we can handle recruiting, hiring, managing, scheduling, clocking, goal setting, learning, benefits, expenses AND payroll (to name a few things!). Workzoom’s system architecture, which is the foundation on which the software resides, is highly agile. This means features are easy to roll out and our application has a uniform look and feel. Often, major competitor offerings feel good on the surface, but are an intricate web of bolt-ons and integrations underneath. Adding functionality over time can mean lengthy implementations and costly integrations.

With Workzoom, the ability to scale up your solution to meet your needs is inherently included with your subscription. We’ve accounted for all areas of people management from Workzoom’s inception, so adding functionality over time (say if you start with Recruiting and the Hub, but later add on Talent, Workforce, Payroll or all three) is a far simpler and more straightforward process.

When you get a tour of Workzoom, you’ll probably hear us mention our powerful single source database. Why is that important anyway? It means that once your employee’s information is in the system, you can call on it in multiple ways. For example, if someone applies on your company website, you hire that person and they become an employee they’re already in the system! A few small additions and you’re paying them automatically. When the time comes, their info is easily accessed so you can manage their latest performance review or set goals for their future. You never have to re-key data in multiple areas or log in to different systems to get things done.

If you don’t plan on growing, or don’t really need software to do more than one specific thing, you might be better off with a best of breed solution for that area. Workzoom’s superpower is not that we do everything the best, but that we can take care of almost every people management pain point with one login, one SaaS agreement, one experience and one solution.

What about accessing Workzoom technology?

Often Workzoom’s competitors have different apps and logins for different management areas. This makes it difficult for any employee to keep track of what login goes where and/or clouds their work phones with a host of different app options. Workzoom works the opposite way… we’ve made our solution capable of working from any browser on pretty much any device with a single URL, or if you prefer from the Workzoom app available for download from the App store.

If you want a single agile solution supported you can access from any browser or device to take care of the admin of your entire employee lifecycle, it’s probably time to book a demo and see Workzoom in action!

Published On: July 30th, 2021 / Categories: Workzoom /

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