This week has been a rough one to say the least when it comes to data security. From a multibillion-dollar HRIS company being subject to a ransomware attack to the Log4j 2 vulnerability, many companies have been reeling and in search of a failproof backup plan. If your company is affected and you’re looking for alternatives, or if the security of a software partner you’re considering has moved to the top of your priority list, we thought it would be helpful to outline all the ways in which Workzoom hosts, vigorously protects and backs up our clients’ data.

Workzoom puts security first

One of the things that sets Workzoom ahead of the rest is our serverless architecture. Workzoom utilizes serverless, scalable infrastructure to ensure applications are always available and updates can be rolled out in real-time. With Workzoom, you can be confident you are always running on a secure, stable platform.

Workzoom tightly controls access

Workzoom servers reside in isolated networks that utilize DMZ configuration to restrict access. All communication between Workzoom services is limited to within the secure networks. Access to Workzoom servers is only available to a very limited number of authorized Workzoom personnel using a VPN tunnel with encrypted key exchanges. All data within the VPN tunnel is encrypted and additionally, all access to web consoles and administrator accounts are protected with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). All connection data is logged and alerts are generated for any failed authentication attempts. Workzoom’s technical team employs a wide array of security monitoring tools and detection systems and are able to respond to any security events on a 24/7 basis.

Workzoom keeps secure, separate backups of your data

Workzoom uses real-time data replication across multiple datacentres to ensure minimal downtime and mitigate environmental and/or infrastructure related failures. All client data is regularly backed up and stored securely off-site with industry standard encryption.

One of our major corporate goals is to make your adoption of Workzoom a seamless, enjoyable experience unlike the lengthy, complex implementations of the past. Schedule a demo to take it for a test run! We’ll get you up and running in Workzoom to see how your company can make the most of everything we have to offer at zero cost to you. There are no long-term commitments and your PEPM will never go up.

Published On: December 17th, 2021 / Categories: Feature Friday, Workzoom /

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