A common theme we run into at Workzoom with the companies we talk to is that they’re now experiencing the problems of growth. They’ve seen increased revenue and their employee count is rising quickly. So, what’s the big deal?

The problem is that when these companies were small, they used systems that worked for their size. Frankly, when you’re getting the company off the ground, managing things like timesheets, performance reviews, onboarding new hires and even payroll is manageable. This is generally done with paper, spreadsheets or siloed software. Challenges start to arise when the pressure of volume from growth is added to these processes and workflows.

The tell-tale sign of this pressure is that the people responsible for these processes and their outcomes start to feel uneasy. They start to worry that things are slipping through the cracks. It might be that some applicants are accidentally not being contacted for interviews, or shifts are being missed because information about vacancies isn’t getting to the person responsible for scheduling. For the most part, these situations are minor issues that haven’t resulted in huge negative consequences…yet.

The interesting thing is that most of these people are fully aware of the problem. So, the logical question is “why don’t they make the necessary changes to avoid disaster?

The answer always boils down to one thing, they don’t have a clear path forward because they are lacking in the following resources:

  • Time
  • People
  • Budget

Before Workzoom, companies had had two choices. They could either continue with their less than adequate systems or they had to feel enough pain that they could muster up the resources mentioned above to try and deal with the problems with a big, expensive, highly customized solution.

Workzoom was founded to help companies just like these. We like to say that Workzoom was created to help companies that have big business problems but don’t have big business resources.

So how does Workzoom help? Our clients achieve:

  • A consolidation of their world in one place
  • Automated processes to give them control
  • Implementation that is done at “warp speed”
  • Best practices are followed to achieve their results
  • Little to no implementation costs

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Published On: March 10th, 2022 / Categories: Client Success, Workzoom /

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