Here at Workzoom, we talk to and help a lot of companies every day. In fact, one of the greatest pleasures of our business is helping other companies consolidate and automate their world so their people can focus on what matters to them. The purpose of these post is to share some of those stories in hopes that it resonates with you and shows you that there is a simpler way forward.

With Connection Crew CIC we have a second motive. They are a very special organization and hopefully this gives them some well-deserved publicity.

Connection Crew CIC is an award-winning Crewing Company, but they are so much more than that. They create crews for Events, TV and Film, Construction and Facilities Management that give homeless people an opportunity to change their lives. Connection Crew helps these people by providing flexible jobs, a friendly and supportive environment, as well as training and in-work support. These elements are key for those who may struggle to find or stay in work.

Although Connection Crew is doing this incredible work, at the core of their business, they struggle with the same challenges as most companies.

As you can imagine, they need to find suitable applicants by using multiple sources. They gather those recruits from many sources like job sites, their website and in person applications. And then all of those applicants need to go through a screening, training, testing, and hiring process all while trying to keep these folks engaged and excited. Once they are hired, they need consistent access to learning and training that follow pre-defined paths to make sure they are creating that friendly supportive environment.

So, what is the big deal?

Connection Crew wants to help as many homeless people as possible. Their biggest challenge to fulfilling their mission is finding good people and then getting them into the workforce quickly. Their current manual processes are frustrating. They feel like they are wasting valuable time, they aren’t reaching enough candidates and there is too much double entry and administration. None of this is helping them focus on what matters to them most. If they don’t find a way to consolidate and automate these processes, the only way than can create a bigger impact would be to hire more senior people to administrate.

When Connection Crew came to Workzoom we were very excited. These are the kinds of companies and challenges we work with every day.

So, what will their new world look like?

It is going to be consolidated, automated, and consistently project Connection Crew’s values.


All candidates, regardless of the source, will be automatically routed to Workzoom. Those sources could be job sites, their Careers Page or emailed resumes that will all be handled in Workzoom. Then candidates follow Connection Crew’s process that has been automated by Workzoom with workflows that move them through, quickly and efficiently. All their onboarding documentation, training and testing will all be done in one place.

And that friendly, supportive environment is established from the first interaction these people have with Connection Crew. They have a home in Workzoom that is consistent and houses everything they need to succeed clear visibility for everyone.

This new world will save them countless hours that they can redirect to their mission!

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Published On: June 29th, 2022 / Categories: Client Success, Press Releases, Workzoom /

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