In today’s client spotlight, we’re having a look at how Workzoom helps meet the needs of one of our manufacturing clients. Regardless of the type of manufacturing industry you’re in, Workzoom Workforce can help ease the administrative burden of scheduling and managing multiple shifts.

Our manufacturing client came to us with a variety of rotating shifts (morning, afternoon and night). With Workzoom they’re able to auto-generate each period’s schedules so supervisors only need to review them after creation. They don’t have to spend any time creating them from scratch and manually entering the data.

Workzoom also helps simplify high volume clocking by accounting for all the variation that comes with managing a large group of people on multiple shifts. When employees forget to clock in or out, or call in sick at the last minute, managers can add punches or leaves on their behalf. Workzoom applies specific rounding rules for employees who come in or leave early or late for their scheduled shifts.

Workzoom’s advanced technology also automatically applies time rules including meal deductions, overtime, attendance bonuses and night shift premiums depending on if the employee is eligible based on who they are, what role they’re in and the time they’ve worked.

Overall, Workzoom has saved this manufacturing client hours of administrative time that used to be spent creating schedules, validating clock entries and manually calculating time rules. This has allowed their administrators to shift their focus to other facets of their job, including helping staff, strategic planning, and payroll. Their supervisors can spend more time on the floor, only needing to review a single time batch for their staff for any exceptions once a shift.

If you’re in manufacturing and this sounds like a dream come true, book your demo today to learn more… your administrators, managers and supervisors will thank you!

Published On: May 18th, 2021 / Categories: Client Success, Workzoom /

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